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Krampus is a revolutionary new way to experience the world of scripting with its extensive library of features that will make your life easier.

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How to install

Install Krampus with ease

By watching this short video, you will learn how to install Krampus seamlessly and quickly, so you can start using it right away to create and execute your own scripts.

The best experience

Supercharge the way you script

Krampus is packed with features that will make your scripting experience a breeze.

One-up the competition

Stand out from the crowd with Krampus's unique features and groundbreaking technology that will mesmerize your audience. Our products are handcrafted with love and care, to ensure the most premium and enjoyable experience possible with immersive visuals and a smooth user interface.

Unmatched Script Performance

Experience the zenith of script execution, providing an edge in gameplay and creativity!

Regular Updates

Our dedicated team ensures Krampus evolves continuously, maintaining compatibility and performance


At the heart of Krampus is a vibrant community of avid gamers and developers, collaborating to create and share innovative scripts and ideas

Meticulous Dashboard

Conveniently manage your scripts, licenses and settings with our intuitive dashboard.